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Crypto Fundraising weekly
Dates: 07 – 13, Mar 2022


During this week 16 blockchain startups has raised $316.4M in funding:

  • Unknown round: 4 startups $216M
  • Seed round: 10 startups $59.5M
  • Series A round: 2 startups $40.9M

Investments by ecosystem

This week's biggest funding round

Immutable X raised $200M in a funding round from Temasek, Mirae Asset, ParaFi Capital, Declaration Partners, Tencent Holdings.

Immutable X is the first Layer-2 for NFTs on Ethereum

Pre-seed and Seed investment rounds

Mirror World raised $4M in a Seed funding round from Galaxy Interactive*, Republic Crypto*, Alameda Research*, Avocado Guild, Bas1s Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), LD Capital, LucidBlue Ventures, Metasense DAO, Mirana Ventures, OKX Ventures (ex OKEx Blockdream Ventures), PathDAO, Sky9 Capital, Tess Ventures, YGG SEA.

Mirror World is an ecosystem of autonomous game worlds powered by Matrix Core Engine, where each digital world consists of four fundamental elements: game worlds, AI NFTs, community and DAO, and blockchain governance and economics. Mirror World allows gamers to consume AI-powered gaming content from various games within the Mirror World Matrix, generating the main utility token MWM by playing and periodically drawing cards from their marketplace to obtain higher rarity characters for higher returns across the ecosystem.

Hubble Exchange raised $3.3M in a Seed funding round from Framework Ventures*, Lemniscap, Blizzard, GSR Markets LTD, Finlink Capital, Trader Joe, Stani Kulechov, Nick Chong, Wangarian.

Hubble Exchange is a decentralized platform for trading perpetual futures on Avalanche, offering cross-margin design and multi-collateral support. By leveraging Avalanche's scalability and low fees, Hubble aims to tokenize profitable perpetual futures positions, opening up new possibilities in decentralized finance (DeFi) and allowing traders to optimize their portfolios across multiple assets.

Katana raised $5M in a Seed funding round from Framework Ventures, Electric Capital, Founders fund.

The yield generation protocol for Solana.

Socket Protocol raised $5M in a Seed funding round from Framework Ventures*, Coinbase Ventures, Lightspeed, Nascent, Geometry, eGirl Capital, Folius Ventures, Maven 11 Capital, Fourth Revolution Capital (4RC), Archetype, Mark Cuban, Sandeep Nailwal, 0xMaki.

Socket is a versatile interoperability protocol facilitating secure, efficient data, and asset transfers across blockchains. It's not a bridge or cross-chain app, but a flexible infrastructure for developers to effortlessly incorporate interoperability into their applications. Socket empowers developers to tailor their solutions for diverse use cases and objectives, considering factors such as trust, latency, and generalizability.

EthSign raised $12M in a Seed funding round from Sequoia Capital*, Mirana Ventures*, Circle Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Amber Group, Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC), NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital), Genesis Block Ventures Capital (GBV), IOSG Ventures, Shima Capital, Hack VC, Matrixport Ventures, Tess Ventures, Folius Ventures, Alumni Ventures (AVG), Mask Network, Next Web Capital, Goodwater Capital, Hash Global, Synaps, Sandeep Nailwal, Thomas Vu, Balaji Srinivasan.

Decentralized, versioned, and consensus-based electronic agreements signing application built on Ethereum. EthSign launched TokenTable, which is an ownership management platform helping project stakeholders including founders, investors, employees, and contributors manage locked and unvested tokens of their projects or portfolios.

Swim Protocol raised $4M in a Seed funding round from Pantera Capital, FTX Fund, Alameda Research, Coinbase Ventures.

Solana-based protocol aiming to build the cross-chain bridge of the future.

ZetaChain raised undisclosed amount in a Seed funding round from Jaynti Kanani.

ZetaChain is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain that connects multiple blockchains into a unified ecosystem, enabling interoperable dApps and seamless cross-chain asset transfers without the need for wrapped tokens or bridges. ZetaChain offers externally-managed smart contract capabilities for chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, making it a versatile and efficient solution for multichain DeFi, NFTs, governance, and more.

KurateDAO raised $6.9M in a Seed funding round from Polychain Capital.

Socially curated database that allows curators to assemble sets of data on which Web3 applications are built.

Blocklords raised $15M in a Seed funding round from Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital, WWVentures, BITKRAFT Ventures, Atesis, The Spartan Group, Republic, Makers Fund, Shima Capital, HTX Ventures (ex Huobi Ventures).

Blocklords is an immersive multiplayer experience and strategy game enabling gamers to craft their own unique adventure within a shared medieval universe. Created by game studio MetaKings.

Cega raised $4.3M in a Seed funding round from Dragonfly Capital (ex Metastable Capital)*, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Solana Ventures.

Cega is a decentralized exotic derivatives protocol that builds exotic options structured products for retail investors. These products generate superior yield and offer built-in protection against market downturns. Cega is also developing new capabilities in tech, token contracts, and data modeling that will enable the next evolution of defi derivatives.

Other investment rounds

Duet Protocol raised $2M in a  funding round from DHVC (Danhua Capital)*, GSR Markets LTD*, LucidBlue Ventures, 3Commas, Kernel Ventures, Consensus Lab.

Duet protocol is a synthetic asset protocol that allows traditional assets to migrate to high-growth crypto-assets.

WalletConnect raised $11M in a Series A  funding round from 1kx*, Union Square Ventures (USV)*, Coinbase Ventures, A Capital, Semantic Ventures, Alex Svanevik.

Open source tool that enables a mobile wallet to easily connect to decentralized web applications, and interact with them from the phone.

UNXD raised $4M in a  funding round from Animoca Brands, Polygon Studios.

Curated NFT marketplace for the best of digital luxury and culture.

Space Runners raised $10M in a  funding round from Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, Accel.

NFT Metaverse Fashion brand in collaboration with artists and brands, designing digitally wearable NFTs through Augmented Reality (AR) and plug-in's into the Metaverse as items.

Espresso Systems raised $29.9M in a Series A  funding round from Greylock, Electric Capital, Sequoia Capital, Blockchain Capital, Slow Ventures.

Espresso is launching a standalone blockchain as well as a solution for Ethereum: Configurable Asset Privacy on Ethereum (CAPE), a privacy offering for both digital assets and associated transactions, particularly for stablecoins.

* fund, that lead investment round

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