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Crypto Fundraising weekly
Dates: 07 – 13, Jun 2021


During this week 22 blockchain startups has raised $0.9B in funding:

  • Series C round: 1 startup $380M
  • Unknown round: 6 startups $348.8M
  • Series B round: 1 startup $75M
  • Series A round: 3 startups $66M
  • Seed round:   (4 startups) $18.7M
  • Strategic round:   (2 startups) $15.8M
  • Public sale round:   (5 startups) $1.4M

Investments by ecosystem

This week's biggest funding round

Ledger raised $380M in a Series C funding round from 10T Holdings*, Cathay Innovation, Draper Associates, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Korelya Capital, Wicklow Capital, Animoca Brands, Crypto com Capital, Uphold, Tim Draper.

Ledger wallets are hardware cryptocurrency wallets made by Ledger, a company headquartered in Paris, France. Ledger's hardware wallets are multicurrency wallets that are used to store private keys for cryptocurrencies offline.

Pre-seed and Seed investment rounds

Parrot Protocol raised $5M in a Seed funding round from Alameda Research, QTUM VC, NGC Ventures (NEO Global Capital), Petrock Capital, Arche Fund (Coin98 Ventures), mgnr, SINO Global Capital, SkyVision Capital, Solar Eco Fund, ROK Capital.

Parrot Protocol is a liquidity network for borrowing and lending on Solana.

Jet Protocol raised $4.8M in a Seed funding round from mgnr, SINO Global Capital, Coin Merge Strategy (CMS), Alameda Research, ParaFi Capital, Robot Ventures, DeFiance Capital, Kenetic, StableNode, Meltem Demirors, John Fiorelli, Mason Borda, Aya Kantorovich, Jed Breed, Tegan Kline.

Jet Protocol is a decentralized borrowing and lending protocol built for speed, power, and scalability on Solana.

Divergence Protocol raised $2.9M in a Seed funding round from Mechanism Capital, KR1 plc, Nothing Research, Focus Labs, Arrington Capital, P2P Capital, Orthogonal Trading, Taureon, Hashkey Capital, Youbi Capital, Digital Finance Group (DFG).

Divergence is a decentralized platform for hedging, trading DeFi-native asset volatility, with its flagship product being an AMM-based marketplace.

RMRK raised $6M in a Seed funding round from D1 Ventures, PAKA, Digital Finance Group (DFG), Moonwhale Ventures, LD Capital, Signum Capital, Illusionist Group.

RMRK is a set of NFT standards that allows users to create NFT systems of arbitrary complexity by composing several "NFT 2.0 lego" primitives. It exists in three formats: Kusama implementation, EVM implementation, and FRAME Pallet implementation. The RMRK token is the protocol's official token, which is not required to use the protocol, but can augment the experience.

Other investment rounds

InstaDApp raised $10M in a  funding round from Standard Crypto*, Alliance DAO (ex DeFi Alliance), LongHash Ventures, Andre Cronje.

Instadapp is an open-source and non-custodial middleware platform for decentralized finance applications. Its DSL protocol aggregates multiple DeFi protocols into one upgradable smart contract layer, enabling users to access and manage various protocols from one account and migrate debts between specific protocols via its Bridge feature.

Gamestarter raised $2M in a  funding round from DAO Maker, AC Capital, AngelONE Capital, Evangelion Capital, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, Coincurb, Kyros Ventures, mgnr, x21 Digital.

Gamestarter is a NFT-based crowdfunding platform & marketplace.

Shiden Network raised $10M in a Strategic  funding round from Fenbushi Capital, Hypersphere, gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC), IOSG Ventures, TRGC, SNZ Holding, Digital Strategies, AU21 Capital, East Ventures, Altonomy, Sub0 Capital.

Shiden Network is a multi-chain decentralized application layer on Kusama Network that supports Ethereum and layer2 solutions. It serves as a smart contract platform that natively supports Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly, enabling the creation and deployment of various decentralized applications like DeFi and NFTs.

ZKCHAOS raised $160K in a Public sale  funding round from .

ZKCHAOS is the first decentralized privacy protocol to enhance privacy for all kind of cryptocurrency through multiple fair games. It means there is a large number of transaction volume contributed by platform players, not mixers.

Unbound Finance raised $5.8M in a Strategic  funding round from Pantera Capital, Arrington Capital, Coin Merge Strategy (CMS), Hashed.

Unbound finance is a decentralized, cross-chain liquidity protocol that is building the next money lego by unlocking the liquidity from AMMs.

Uptick Network raised undisclosed amount in a  funding round from Dragon Roark Venture*, SNZ Holding, Tendermint, IRIS Foundation, PreAngel Fund.

Uptick Network is an NFT business platform that offers a mobile native NFT marketplace focused on the global creative economy. Its flagship app, Uptick, is designed for pan-entertainment and lifestyle industries and provides a comprehensive NFT business infrastructure that includes asset life cycle management, metadata standards, decentralized data management, rights management, and multi-chain and cross-chain transferbility.

Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) raised $30M in a Series A  funding round from Kenetic, Prosperity7 Ventures, Pictet Group, Bangkok Bank.

BSN is a service infrastructure that allows developers to build decentralized applications on top of both public and permissioned blockchains that it supports, like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Polkadot, among others.

Stratos raised $300K in a Public sale  funding round from .

Stratos is the first decentralized data architecture that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database and computation network.

Hypersign raised $200K in a Public sale  funding round from .

Hypersign is a cross-chain identity protocol and whitelisting solution built on Polkadot & Ethereum.

Aldrin (ex Cryptocurrencies.AI) raised $500K in a Public sale  funding round from .

Aldrin’s mission is to simplify DeFi and create powerful tools for all traders to succeed. It is both a next generation centralized exchange and a lightning fast DEX on Solana.

Mythical Games raised $75M in a Series B  funding round from WestCap*, VaynerFund, Galaxy Digital, Javelin Venture Partners, Struck Capital, Alumni Ventures (AVG), Gary Vaynerchuk.

Mythical Games is a giant Web3 video game development studio known for creating popular games such as NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party, which were released on the Epic Games Store. They are building a Web3 gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain and playable NFTs, allowing players, creators, artists, brands, and developers to actively participate and benefit from "play and earn" game economies.

Hummingbot raised $8M in a Series A  funding round from Initialized Capital, Slow Ventures, Arrington Capital, Borderless Capital, DeFiance Capital, Terra, AscendEX, Ava Labs, NEM Official, Altonomy.

Hummingbot is open-source software that lets users build and run customizable trading strategies.

Solana raised $314.2M in a  funding round from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z crypto)*, Polychain Capital*, Alameda Research, Coin Merge Strategy (CMS), CoinShares Ventures, Multicoin Capital, SINO Global Capital, Jump Trading.

Solana is a new architecture for a high-performance blockchain based on Proof of History (PoH).

Blockdaemon raised $28M in a Series A  funding round from Greenspring Associates, CoinFund, CoinShares Ventures, BlockFi, Uphold, Voyager Digital.

Blockdaemon is the largest independent blockchain infrastructure platform connecting institutions and developers to leading networks.

Cryption Network raised $239.8K in a Public sale  funding round from .

Cryption Network is a suite of DeFi products for retail investors with an aim to make DeFi more accessible for the masses.

Songbird raised $11.3M in a  funding round from Kenetic*, CoinFund, Digital Currency Group (DCG), LD Capital, cFund, Wave Financial, Borderless Capital, Do Kwon.

Songbird is Flare’s Canary Network that enables tokens on networks without smart contracts to be used trustlessly and in a non-custodial manner.

Flare raised $11.3M in a  funding round from Kenetic*, Digital Currency Group (DCG), LD Capital, CoinFund, Genesis, Borderless Capital, Wave Financial, New Form Capital, cFund, Backend Capital, Do Kwon, Charlie Lee.

Flare is a Layer-1 blockchain focused on providing data as a public good. It supports smart contract protocols, particularly pricing oracles, for developers to access diverse data for applications like DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and more. Flare is EVM-compatible, offers familiar tools, and has multiple networks for testing and development.

* fund, that lead investment round

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